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Electronic Rules of Communication

Electronic Rules of Communication

Updated September 15, 2004

Company-owned computers and the electronic messaging and communication systems provided for Amerco System members (all U-Haul Companies, Oxford, Republic Western, Amerco Real Estate Company, etc.) are intended to serve as business and communication tools that will enable System members to conduct business in a timely and efficient manner. Electronic messaging tools are First Class Client, the Internet, E-Mail and voice mail. These electronic messaging systems are provided for business purposes only. To ensure that all System members are responsible, productive users of the electronic messaging systems and Company-owned computers, the following policy has been established.

Company computers are provided for Company business use. Unauthorized and unlicensed software are prohibited on Company-owned computers. Any duplication of copyrighted software, except for backup purposes is a violation of Federal Copyright law and must not occur.

All messages composed, sent, received or stored on electronic messaging systems are the property of the Company. They are not the private property of any System member.

The electronic messaging systems may not be used to solicit or persuade for commercial ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations or other non-job-related solicitations.

The electronic messaging systems are not to be used to create, send or receive any illegal, harassing or offensive messages, including jokes, chain letters and such.

Any use of the Internet to view or download offensive or pornographic material is strictly prohibited.

Electronic messaging systems are not to be used to send or distribute copyrighted materials or information proprietary to U-Haul except as necessary in the normal course of business.

Do not assume that electronic messages are private or confidential. It is possible to retrieve and read or listen to messages that have been erased.

The company reserves the right and exercises the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all messages created, sent or received over the electronic messaging systems for any purpose.

System members who violate this policy or use electronic messaging systems improperly will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Adherence to the above policy does not in any way dilute the company’s "at will" status.

James H. "Butch" Greer
Vice President
U-Haul Human Resources
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